Essentially a watercolourist, Tim enjoys the fluidity and immediacy of this medium. Highly illustrative, his work has a certain calm which entices the viewer. The wild aspects of Kenya were ingrained in Tim at an early age, and these continue to influence him. His first exhibitions in Nairobi were of wildlife and landscapes, and every opportunity was taken to go off on safari.

Commissions for private clients, film, and theatre work in Kenya and later Australia cumulated with the opportunity to join the Australasian/South African production of Disney's The Lion King, eventually heading the Mask and Puppet Department. Tim was a member of the Australian production of War Horse in the Prop and Puppet department, and recently helped launch the current Australian tour of The Lion King.

Tim continues to paint, and has never dislodged the familiarity of exploring wildlife and lanscapes in his paintings. Africa is still his home base. 

His work is in private collections worldwide.






Elephant sketches Etosha 32x25cm each